Dental Crowns / “Caps”

Dental crown premolar tooth assembly process

When a larger part of the tooth is damaged from decay or injury,

fractures or cracks can occur. In this instance a crown or cap may be recommended. There are several types of beautiful and functional crowns that can be provided depending on the specific situation. Crowns are used to restore a tooth that has fractured or is likely to fracture, often due to extensive decay, large fillings, heavy wear, or stress fractures. Most crowns cover the entire tooth to the gum line, and can be fabricated from porcelain, porcelain and metal blends, or gold.

Crown Prep with Core Buildup


This video shows you how a doctor adds structure to a damaged tooth, so it can be successfully crowned and preserved.

Crown-Post Operative Instructions


This video shows you what to expect after a permanent crown placement, as well as how to care for and protect it from damage.

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