Metal-free Crowns

perfect white crown teeth close up

When a larger part of the tooth is damaged

from decay, fractures, or cracks; a crown or cap may be recommended. Sometimes, people have complained that older crowns may become unsightly due to exposure of the metal under a crown. Fortunately, with new technology, techniques, and newer materials, it is now quite easy to create beautiful metal-free crowns that last just as long as the older materials, but also drastically improved esthetics because metal is no longer used. 

All ceramic (porcelain) crowns

have been used for many years in the front of the mouth for obvious esthetic concerns. Under the craftsmanship of our technicians all ceramic crowns can be fabricated with incredible realism of natural teeth (i.e. shade variation and translucency). Additionally, these crowns are often bonded to teeth for exceptional strength. 

In recent years; however, materials have improved to allow metal-free crowns to be placed on back teeth with increased long term predictability.

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